India making history by Winning the first ever test match win in Pakistan

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On a day when wickets fell at an astonishing rate, Yousuf Youhana scored a fighting century to keep the jaws of defeat from snapping shut. India rose like giants and were on the verge of their first Test win on Pakistani soil. The pitch, now four days old, hardly crumbled, but India's bowlers stuck to their guns with such great application that Pakistan's batsmen withered and slumped to 207 for 9 after following on. They were still 61 runs adrift of India. Kumble, with 6 for 71, had once again turned on the heat when India needed it the most.
The day began with Pakistan in difficulty at 364 for 6, and ended with them staring defeat in the face. Pathan set the tone with a peach of a delivery first up. He pitched one on the perfect spot, with a maximum of effort, and the resultant lifter kissed Abdul Razzaq's glove on the way to the wicketkeeper. Razzaq did not have a chance to add to his overnight score of 47 (364 for 7).
Then, on 371, two more wickets fell. Saqlain Mushtaq, in a momentary lapse of composure, slashed Pathan to Zaheer Khan at mid-off (371 for 8). On the same score Shoaib Akhtar presented Sachin Tendulkar with a simple return catch, off a full-toss (371 for 9).
India were charged up, but had to wait 36 runs before they could wrap up the Pakistan innings. Shabbir Ahmed and Mohammad Sami batted with great patience, keeping out deliveries with an uncomplicated technique. But, in the 127th over, Kumble squeezed one ball through and Sami was bowled off his thigh. Pakistan were all out for 407, still well short of the follow-on mark. Pathan had 4 for 100 to show for his untiring effort.
When Pakistan were forced to bat out a tricky period before lunch, and did so with aplomb, spectators at the ground still believed that they could pull off a draw. Imran Farhat and Yasir Hameed played out seven overs for 11 runs. But soon after the lunch interval, things began to happen, slowly but surely, for India.
Kumble flighted the ball more than he normally does, and had Farhat (24) flashing at a drive outside off that resulted in an edge that nestled in Parthiv Patel's gloves (33 for 1). Farhat's attacking strategy had failed, as did Taufeeq's defensive approach. After spending 60 balls in scoring 9, he padded up to Kumble and was trapped in front. Not offering a shot is a dangerous approach at the best of times, but with Kumble bowling well, and the ball turning just enough to sow a seed of doubt in batsmen's minds, it was fatal (44 for 2).
Then came the decisive blow. Inzamam-ul-Haq, fresh to the crease and not quite tuned in yet, was slow to respond to a call for a single, and was caught short by a direct hit from Yuvraj Singh (44 for 3). Several fans made a beeline for the exits after Inzamam's dismissal.
If Yuvraj's fielding was the result of hours of hard work and practice, his next act of success - the wicket of Yasir Hameed for 23 - came with a little help from luck. Yasir, attempting to sweep, could not control the ball and Virender Sehwag picked up a good catch at short fine leg (75 for 4).
It was then left to Youhana and Razzaq to make the best of a bad situation. Youhana began by striking the first ball he faced effortlessly through the covers, and was clearly in fine nick. The same could hardly be said of Razzaq. Although he managed to get behind the line of the ball and defend with care, he never quite looked fluent. In the 46th over he survived a loud shout for a catch at forward short leg. Off the very next ball he went back to Kumble and flicked the ball firmly. Aakash Chopra showed stunning reflexes close to the bat on the leg side, and plucked the ball out of the air as it went past him (106 for 5). It was magical bit of fielding, and it lifted the Indian team visibly.
Moin Khan (5) was the next to go, trapped plumb in front by a full delivery from Pathan. Though he was unhappy with the decision, replays showed the ball brushing the pad before hitting the bat (113 for 6).
Kumble then took over, and had both Sami and Saqlain adjudged lbw (136 for 8). Youhana continued to strike the ball fiercely, finding gaps with ease. When the field was up he lofted the ball with precision, and all of a sudden the runs started to flow. The Indians, thanks to their massive first-innings total, had no reason to worry - runs were irrelevant at this stage. Youhana found a valuable, if unlikely, ally in Shoaib Akhtar. They put on 70 for the ninth wicket, of which Shoaib contributed only 4. He stayed at the crease for just under an hour, and his only scoring shot was a heaved boundary to the midwicket fence.
The fall of Shoaib, caught at silly mid-off by VVS Laxman off Kumble, off the last ball of the penultimate over of the day, only added to the drama. The third umpire was needed to determine whether it was actually a catch or a bump-ball, but the TV replays showed clearly that the ball had gone straight from bat to hand (206 for 9).

Fan Of Babbu MaAn
Fan Of Babbu MaAn 2 दिन पहले
Amber Roshen
Amber Roshen 3 दिन पहले
Those time India can only beat those team who had even worse fielding side than india😂
Truth Only Truth
Truth Only Truth 9 दिन पहले
It took 54 year's for India to win a test match in Pak. This is nothing to be proud of.
Amit G
Amit G 13 दिन पहले
Just watch the sportsmans spirit after dravid declared India's innings. Sachin Tendulkar and dravid celebrating every wicket with equal joy. No negative body language...2 legends doing their bit for the country...
TARANVIR SINGH 19 दिन पहले
Awesome players Awesome cricket Awesome days 👏😎 miss u all guys
sachinkumar shelke
sachinkumar shelke 21 दिन पहले
No bad feeling Bowled with great smile and enthu Sachin R T Is GOAT
Shaan Tyagi
Shaan Tyagi 23 दिन पहले
Dravid was an utter fool. 6 runs waste fool for Sachin
Ms Dhoni Fan
Ms Dhoni Fan 26 दिन पहले
Saqlan mustaq. And soeb akhtar. BAAP itna aap marte kyun ho.. Virendar shewag...... Chup kar beta wicket Kipper sun lega....
Prateek Sharma
Prateek Sharma 26 दिन पहले
should have let sachin make that 200
Debmalya Ghosh Dastidar
Debmalya Ghosh Dastidar 26 दिन पहले
People keep saying akash chopra did nothing...being involved in so many good opening stands in pakistan australia is not an easy task.
hassans sharieff
hassans sharieff महीने पहले
Wasim Akram captaincy was on Par compare other Pakistani .
Just Another Guy
Just Another Guy महीने पहले
@10:10 David Shepard is like get lost you idiot .
Shahana Noor
Shahana Noor महीने पहले
That was the last for the magician Saqlain Mushtaq 😐
Amitayu Banerjee
Amitayu Banerjee महीने पहले
Unlike for Dravid's bad decision (declare).
Paresh Advait
Paresh Advait महीने पहले
Beautiful innings from Sehwag ❤️❤️❤️
praveen jain
praveen jain महीने पहले
Sare sponser india k h😅
Sravan Pramod Yedire
Sravan Pramod Yedire महीने पहले
So many television broken on that day...
Subham Pal
Subham Pal महीने पहले
Golden days of cricket
Basit Rajput
Basit Rajput महीने पहले
This is multan cricket stadium i m from multan
Tan Aik
Tan Aik महीने पहले
Most destructive opener in Indian cricket history.
Tan Aik
Tan Aik महीने पहले
All hoardings are of Indian companies, and match was in Pakistan.
Anuj Batham
Anuj Batham महीने पहले
When India were at 509 Sehwag's score was 309.. *Carnage Sehwag*
Akshay Bajpai
Akshay Bajpai महीने पहले
Sachin's 194* & David's inning declaration, created a huge controversy during that time.
Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar महीने पहले
Bolo Viru Pa ji ki Jay!!!🤣😂 Om TeamlndiaVirupajai namah!!
Sameer Pawar
Sameer Pawar महीने पहले
11:53 shoaib unhappy as if he was on 199 and wrongfully given out by the third umpire 😂😂
RK DHAMAKA महीने पहले
Multan ka sultan
Mukesh Sahu
Mukesh Sahu महीने पहले
That smile from Irfan pathan 😀
Bhupendra Chahar
Bhupendra Chahar महीने पहले
8:18 What a appeal 😂🤣🤣🤣😂
Onkareshwar Koppal
Onkareshwar Koppal महीने पहले
I'm very surprised about title that this is the first ever test match win of India in Pakistan, Because I remember this series played in 2004 and the way India played in this series that they are dominating on Pakistan by first winning the one day series with 3-2 and then winning the test series with 2-1. In Test series both victories are came by innings margins. If this is first ever test series win in Pakistan then I hate old Team which unable to win in Pakistan, Salute to Dada that what a transformation of Indian cricket Team under his captaincy.
bhishma subodh
bhishma subodh 14 घंटे पहले
This was not only the first ever series win, this was the first ever test win for india in pakistani soil
Billa Shahzad
Billa Shahzad महीने पहले
Big thanks to Pakistan who prepared dead wickets during that tour of India in 2004 on order of General Musharaf for good will gesture for India....... It was more of a cricket diplomacy than the normal tour. That's why the dead wickets were made for Indian so they could enjoy this tour...... ✍️✍️✍️
Arjun Pomal
Arjun Pomal महीने पहले
devid sefad and simon tuffle wt a combination golden days
anurag kumar
anurag kumar महीने पहले
Golden days of cricket
Shubham Kumar
Shubham Kumar महीने पहले
Every player of This Indian team was match winner
CRMINAL GAMER महीने पहले
Everybody Talking about Dravid declare on sachin's 194 but Dravid said in once in interview that he was waiting for sachin's 200 at that ganguly come and pressed his shoulder and said you should declare
CRMINAL GAMER महीने पहले
@Paresh Advait brainless guy
Paresh Advait
Paresh Advait महीने पहले
That is nonsense Only dravid is responsible for this nonsense decision
Abhinav Chatterjee
Abhinav Chatterjee महीने पहले
0:43 when Akhtar says maa ka loda 😛😛😛😛😛
Pankaj Rajoria
Pankaj Rajoria महीने पहले
Pity for saqlain mustaq
D sparkle
D sparkle महीने पहले match winner
Shubham Kasera
Shubham Kasera महीने पहले
The reason is still unknown, why dravid declared at sachin's 194
shreyas dakshinamurthy
shreyas dakshinamurthy महीने पहले
Read shahi raj comment
Moti Sahu
Moti Sahu महीने पहले
Dravid is Bad caiptan in the world Sir Tendulkar is 194 run and dicliaer
ARUP MAHATO महीने पहले
Everybody talks about Sehwag😎 But in this match Sachin was batting on 194 , captain declared the innings 😢 , very bad decision 👍
Sanjay Sharma
Sanjay Sharma महीने पहले
Those 6 individual runs of Tendulkar wouldn't have hurt India. That declaration is shame. Nothing but a shame.
HOPE GAMING महीने पहले
10:09 bos**** khelna seekhle, chal nikal abhi
Hemon Biswas
Hemon Biswas महीने पहले
Indian team before this (especially God and Sehwag) : sham tak khelenge inki fati hui g*nd or faad denge 😂😂
Prakash महीने पहले
This is most likely the best bilateral series for me not only bcoz we won but also for the tremendous hospitality we received from Pakistan and their crowd..Love from we all Indians 🇮🇳..
SUMER SINGH महीने पहले
I saw My First Test Series
plutonium महीने पहले
That's why we called him multan ka sultan..
SuniL Masih
SuniL Masih महीने पहले
Kya din they yeh maza aata tha
When sachin require just 6 runs to complete double ton then why dravid declare it.. This is worse👎
Tjay RF
Tjay RF महीने पहले
It was great decision by Dravid. Dravid had foreseen how worthles s Sachin would be to development of Indian cricket in future.
no name academy
no name academy महीने पहले
Sehwagh official Dad of Pakistan
samala prasanth kumar
samala prasanth kumar महीने पहले
Most of ads on the boundary boards have indian ads...🙄
Arun Kumar
Arun Kumar महीने पहले
This is the only one reason I hate Rahul Dravid.... Declaration done when Sachin Tendulkar was on 194*
vishal22chd महीने पहले
Didn't let them touch the total after following on.. ..
vishal22chd महीने पहले
Kumble was awesome as well...
vishal22chd महीने पहले
Multan ka sultan...
1:14 milega milega tere ko v dose milega...
sumeet sharma
sumeet sharma महीने पहले
The match is in pakistan the ads are Indian. haha
Jitender Bhai
Jitender Bhai महीने पहले
सहवाग का बल्ला जब चलता है फिर अच्छे अच्छों की गांड़ फट जाती है
Ratnesh Dubey
Ratnesh Dubey महीने पहले
Sehwag 100 India 138-0. Speaks a lot
Nalliboina Siva
Nalliboina Siva महीने पहले
All bowlers same treatment by viruuuuu
nikhat Shakeel
nikhat Shakeel महीने पहले
Dho daala Veeru Paaji Maza aa gya 😀😀 He palyed like one day ... Sahwag Ka toofan udd gya Pakistan ...
Pratapsing Rathod
Pratapsing Rathod महीने पहले
Multan Ka Sultan🔥
Pradeep Pradeep Kumar Sahu
Pradeep Pradeep Kumar Sahu महीने पहले
Sehwag jesa na koi h na koi tha na koi milega I love Sehwag sir
Nikhilachandran DS
Nikhilachandran DS महीने पहले
Multan ka sultan.... ❤️❤️Virender Sehwag
Kamal Vicky
Kamal Vicky महीने पहले
Back When India & Pakistan relationship was quite good..
Supada Wankhede
Supada Wankhede महीने पहले
सेहवाग म्हणजे सिंह + वाघ याच सामन्यात वीरेंद्र सेहवागणे साकलेन मुशताकचा अहंकार कायमचा तोडला होता या सामन्यानंतर त्यांनी निवृत्ती घेतली होती एवढा त्याला कोणीच झोडला नाही
Lokesh Kumar Sharma
Lokesh Kumar Sharma महीने पहले
ये भारतीय टीम थी, आज जिहादी, आतंकी , इस्लामिस्टों इसका मुखिया लश्कर विराट की टीम है
Sidheshwar Shendge
Sidheshwar Shendge महीने पहले
We miss sachins 200 in this match, he is on 192 then declared the innings its very bad
Teamfurious Gaming YT
Teamfurious Gaming YT महीने पहले
12:13 Is he smoking 🙄🙄🙄
Chef Kohli
Chef Kohli महीने पहले
David shepherd all right decisions 💗
Ron S
Ron S महीने पहले
1:14 Milega...
Tricky Freaky
Tricky Freaky महीने पहले
Dravid nahi chahta tha ki #Tendulkar ka 200 bane😂😆
Ratan Malviya
Ratan Malviya महीने पहले
Dravid ki life ka one & only kalank - Sachin 194*
cric highlights
cric highlights महीने पहले India vs srilanka
Naveen Saraswati
Naveen Saraswati महीने पहले
Shuru mai to bas shewag akele pel raha tha😂😂
Mohammed Ibrahim
Mohammed Ibrahim महीने पहले
Thank you Childhood memory
aj g
aj g महीने पहले
Ironic how these player bellitle new Pakistani players specially shoab should see their own matches first 😂
lays packet
lays packet महीने पहले
0:46 I can see my national flag in Pakistan ❤️
known to be unknown
known to be unknown महीने पहले
Vo Din bhi kya Din tha😭😭
Dr. Subir Khawas
Dr. Subir Khawas महीने पहले
It's so nice to see that winning captain took the last catch. Really a memorable day. Whole team effort👍
yuvraj singh
yuvraj singh महीने पहले
But why he declared the inning when Sachin was on 194😭? I can see what he was feeling at that time
Astrologer Ambrish Shukla
Astrologer Ambrish Shukla महीने पहले
The sound in the bats of Sehwag and Tendulkar!!! World class
Career Plus
Career Plus महीने पहले
That declaration brought many haters to Dravid. A black spot in his career
Jeba Jeyakumar
Jeba Jeyakumar महीने पहले
The way every wicket was celebrated by team India that team spirit made this video more special apart from Shewag triple Ton. Nostalgic days of test Cricket.
Raj Kumar Tripathi
Raj Kumar Tripathi महीने पहले
bhai sa aur aus ka2012 ka test highlights bhi dalo
nagaraju dollu
nagaraju dollu महीने पहले
Very good innings viru&sachin jiii
Hasan 100
Hasan 100 महीने पहले
This was a historic series in 2004. Although we lost both ODI and test series but those days India and Pakistan relations were very good and it was an honor to host indian cricket team after almost 2 decades :)
HISTORICAL यात्री महीने पहले
Vo janaral musharraf ka balaji,or dhoni ke balon ki tareef krna,schin ka peshawar se kaleen khareedna,logon ka unse rupye lene se mna kr dena,,sb apne pan ka ehsas h..
Rehan S
Rehan S महीने पहले
@Nihal Ali you are an indian Muslim, why are you so apologetic when it comes to criticizing modi.
Nihal Ali
Nihal Ali महीने पहले
Problem is we have modi here and you guys have imran there. They will make sure this hatred continues for political gains
Afnan Haider
Afnan Haider महीने पहले
India also visited 1997.
Prakash महीने पहले
I will always remember how well your crowd applauded our team..Love from we Indians 🇮🇳..
Animesh Sharma
Animesh Sharma महीने पहले
The amount of passion in every player is unmatchable!
Ranjeet Singh
Ranjeet Singh महीने पहले
Never forget this History of team India.
vijay singh
vijay singh महीने पहले
All time favourite team that era
gaurav samadhiya07
gaurav samadhiya07 महीने पहले
He was 200 when teat total was 296.......most amazing batsman viru dada
Aryan Jain
Aryan Jain महीने पहले
Form is temporary Inzamam UL Haq and Run Out is permanent.
Shishira Mohapatra
Shishira Mohapatra महीने पहले
My idol sehwag
Shishira Mohapatra
Shishira Mohapatra महीने पहले
Sehwag my all time fav
RAKESH 9147 महीने पहले
What a team enthusiasm...what an energy ....😇
Love u 4ever
Love u 4ever महीने पहले
Dravid ne team ko 2 hisse me kar diya tha captain banana dravid ko wrong decision tha
Kim Un khan
Kim Un khan महीने पहले
Inzi and run out ❤️
goutam kumar
goutam kumar महीने पहले
Better love story than Twilight.
jithinp2906 महीने पहले
Indian team score 492 , Virender Sehwag score 300 !!!
Robin Rai
Robin Rai महीने पहले
Legend Sachin always had a India flag in his helmet,big respect to him
Malik Hassan Bilal
Malik Hassan Bilal महीने पहले
Nice days. Malik Hassan bilal
abhanshu ramteke
abhanshu ramteke महीने पहले
Sharm ki bat hay ki itte sal lg gye india ko pakistan mein jitne mein sale looser
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