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Nice recipe & cake looks so yummy😋😋😋😋
Gulshan Khan
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Tasty nhi bana maine aaj hi try kiya h
Sonu Thapa
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Nice sir
Samrajput Rajput
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Nice 👍🏻
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Very nice👍
Namita Toppo
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Mujhe aapka recipe bahut pasand aaya aur main aapka recipe follow karni ho thank you so much
anil kumar
anil kumar 19 घंटे पहले
Today I made this recipe 😋 it came out very yummy 😋🤤
Smita Bhadule
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vishal Mhatre
vishal Mhatre 19 घंटे पहले
Awesome bhai aaj banaya mast bani thi
Savita Chauhan
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Aaj to yahi banaungi
Diksha Agarwal
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all receipes are amazing sir
Madhu singh
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Super hit bahot accha hai
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Very good sir ji..
Bharati Nahak
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Thanks bhaiya
Kabita Mishra
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I am watching this video in sawan because without Gaelic & onion paneer test only 🤮🤮
Pratibha Singh
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Mind blowing recipe 😍😍
Anuradha Pal
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Testy dish thanks
Sangeeta Kumahar
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Nice recpi
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Thanks for sharing recipe 👌👌👌👌
Kaavya kaushik
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Bharat, kudos man, very tasty chicken..I made it and everyone loved the taste.. Thanks bro..
Bittu Kumar
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Bast recipe
Vinayak Bansal
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Practice make man prefect 😊
Leena Chandrakar
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Time west jyda kiye
Leena Chandrakar
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Sabundana m pani he dalte rhoge ki kuch btao ge v... 🧐😡
Madhu Sirwani
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The cake looks so yummy and good 👌👍
Anita Nair
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Explained well
the secret page
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Totally worst recipe i had ever seen I tried this one and it totally goes shit and waste of time and ingredients
Jyoti Jhala
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Sir aap ki sabji ki recipe bhut achi hoti he
Craft and Drawing with Aakriti
Craft and Drawing with Aakriti 20 घंटे पहले
Gajab bro
Faimida Khatri
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Jyoti Jhala
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Sir please aap dal bati ki dal ki recipe batavo ne
Ria Shahid
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I prepared the exact recipe and my mom was absolutely delighted. It tasted really good. The flavor were so enriching and the aromatic smell was the replica of how Shahi paneer is served at restaurant. Thanks chef for sharing ur recipe. Loved it....
Neha Verma
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Dhaba style kadhai paneer ki recipe share kro plz
Indian 🇮🇳
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Saloni Barua
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Aap Hamen Dal Dhokli ki recipe share Karen😊☺😊☺
Sachin Kulkarni
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Nice video. Please show chicken Momos.
Satish thakur
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Om Sai
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I ❤️ the way you present the cooking.. scientifically..and you have a good intonation 🤗
Rukshana Food
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Priyanshu Kumar
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Just watching this after arguing with mother. You can now understand why I am waiting this.
Clay Forum
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Can we make the masala powder in a blender ?
AR-86 22 घंटे पहले
What is the name of the recipe?
Piyush Patel
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Super tasty bhurji
Manha Kainat
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Apki har recpi yummy hoti h! Plz ap new new recpi btaye
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Achi baneg to like banye
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Will try today...thanks
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Bhai jo bhi dish batata hai bo bilkol shi hoti ha maine 3,4 dish banaye hai.
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Maan gaye ji Maan gaye Bharat Ji . God bless ❤️ u
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Perfect kachori
Urmila Rampal
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More than your lovely recipes you cook with loads of love and passion which makes it great Keep it up
nupur shukla
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I have tried many of ur recipes ...all r awesome
💖 😎
💖 😎 23 घंटे पहले
Wow I made it in your style and it was awesome👍 and my family loved it too thnku bhaiya for such nyc recepie
Sazeeda Khatun
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Amazing ❤️
tita cel
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Other ingredients I don't know
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Bharat bhai g itne time main to Job se chutti lene pade ge..😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜
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Dhi available na ho to kaise kre
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Very nice 😋😋👍
Janmejay Joshi
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I will make the chicken Curry
Janmejay Joshi
Janmejay Joshi दिन पहले
It is good recipe I will be try
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Aucha nahi laga khaa ke dekhe
Marwadi Swad
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Bijender Chopra
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PRIYA S YADAV दिन पहले
Dum aalu bnane ke liye tmatar aur pyaj ki recipe
Manav Nahar🇮🇳
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Neeraj Korde
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agar aapka ghar baad mein beh na gaya ho to baarish mein yeh cake zaroor banaye
nitin khanna
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Bharat bhai .. thanks for sharing the recipe , I followed your steps to the Tee. The final product was mind blowing , awesome taste
Reecha Jha
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Thanks to you, ab mere koi being parathe na fat te hai , aur stuffing equally har Jajah ache se spread hoti hai ⅝
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Thank s sir ar bhi polao aye to breakfast jaldi se ho jai or achee bhi ho oh dekheye na plz...
MD ANSAR youtube channel
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Thanks for the helthy dish👌
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Aap ko bhi eid mubark 😊😊💐💐
Noeline Ann Turrell
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Why do you North Indians called dry nuts fruits it is not called dry fruits they are called nuts mixed nuts all you north Indian chef use the wrong word🤯🤯🤯🤯
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Bhaiya ji Shaadi wali coffee ☕☕☕
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Sir please birthday 🎂 kek banaiye 🙏😊 kukkar me